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TEMS Pocket یک ابزار آزمایشی مبتنی بر تلفن است که برای اندازه گیری پارامترهای عملکرد و کیفیت شبکه های بی سیم ساخته شده است. این ابزار اطلاعات اندازه گیری و رویداد را برای نظارت فوری یا پردازش توسط TEMS Discovery یا سایر ابزارها در زمان بعد جمع آوری می کند. با استفاده از TEMS پاکت پی سی، اپراتورها به راحتی می توانند مکان هایی مانند داخل رستوران ها، مراکز خرید، مترو، قطارها، قایق ها، مکان های رویداد در هر جایی که مردم می روند، آزمایش کنند. این کار را می توانید هنگام استفاده از TEMS Pocket به عنوان یک تلفن معمولی انجام دهید. به اندازه کافی کوچک به تناسب در دست شما، TEMS پاکت پی سی به اندازه کافی قدرتمند است تا بتواند طیف وسیعی از داده ها را که چند سال پیش لپ تاپ ها و حتی ابزارهای بزرگتر را مورد نیاز است، بگیرد. این اجازه می دهد تا تستر به عنوان یک کاربر تست شود.

لایسنس دائمی نرم افزار Tems Investigation 21 | پشتیبانی مادام العمر | ضمانت کارکرد صحیح 

Tems investigation 21

 TEMS 21 & 20 & 19 & 18 &17 with licenses LOCK PC & LAPTOP

Full functions :Support 2G / 3G / 4G / volte / CA .Mimo 4*4 / Maps / logs Import

Key Benefits

۵G Support
Through close cooperation with chipset manufacturers and scanner vendors, we have been leading the way to 5G. We provided early support for LTE-A, IOT, VOLTE and VILTE, and are now able to verify 5G radio.

Leverage a complete solution with Planet, Geodata and TEMS
Only Infovista, offers you a complete turnkey solution – RF software, geodata and network testing – to cover your entire network planning project. Our broad vision means we support you throughout the process from design and execution to testing and optimization.

Improve your subscriber QoE to gain a competitive edge
When you want to enhance your subscriber QoE, the best way to test your network is to assess how subscribers actually experience your network. TEMS Investigation performs on-mobile service and application testing coupled with layer 1-3 data collection to provide you with the genuine insights you need to boost your network.

Tems Investigation 21Tems Investigation 21

Accelerate new technology roll-out
Early availability of new mobile devices, services, and application tests enables you to examine your network evolutions quickly and reliably. For over 25 years, TEMS Investigation has set the standard in mobile network testing software.

Reduce network testing cost
Field work is expensive. Test scripts development is tedious. While TEMS Investigation offers all the in-depth testing capabilities engineers love and need, in reality many of these tests are identical. Integrated with TEMS Director, you can optimize the efficiency of the field work, reuse network tests, and maximize the value in your TEMS investment.

Implement an end-to-end testing platform
Mobile networks might be complex, but testing them doesn’t have to be. With a complete test platform centered around TEMS Director, our global test management platform, you can implement a cohesive strategy that covers all your needs for mobile network testing software.

مرجع : https://www.infovista.com/tems/investigation


نرم افزار tems investigation پر کاربردترین نرم افزار تست شبکه های موبایل می باشد که در حال حاضر نسخه ۱۹ و همچنین آپدیت ها ی این نسخه همراه با ویژگی های جدید آن که منحصر به فردترین آن امکان تست TDD/LTE  وهمچنین تست VOLTE  میباشد و تمامی دیوایس های موجود و جدید در بازار را پشتیبانی می نماید.

در حال حاضر نسخه ۱۹ این نرم افزار محبوب برای دانلود در لینک پایین صفحه قرار داده شده است



TEMS Investigation is an active, end-to-end testing solution, used to verify, optimize and troubleshoot Heterogeneous RAN services. It enables mobile operators and infrastructure suppliers to test quality, from the perspective of subscribers (QoE) and from the perspective of the network (QoS), covering in- vehicle, in-building and pedestrian test scenarios.

Combining speed with simplicity, TEMS Investigation helps you get to market fast with a solution backed by latest technology innovation, while offering unmatched ease of operation. TEMS Investigation is proven to meet emerging needs during pre and post-launch stage of network technology developments. It is a single solution that reduces OPEX by helping to streamline processes and by keeping pace with rapid network evolution.

Test the latest technologies and features, with the latest devices. TEMS’ unique device control capability makes it the optimum choice for advanced, efficient Heterogeneous RAN testing, ranging from complex engineering tasks to routine data collection.

The complete solution for all RAN optimization activities.

New features

VoIP Testing with TEMS Investigation PC-based Clients

Voice Service On LTE

Video Telephony Quality Measurement with VTQI and VSQI

TEMS Investigation PS and CS Call Event Definitions

TD LTE Test Cases

Speech Quality Measurement with SQI

ODM POLQA and ODM Digital Audio

A New Approach to Available Bandwidth Measurements for Wireless Networks

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